In many war affected countries emergency operations such as mine clearance tend to be dramatized, rules broken and safety comprised. To date CCQ International, as a long time service provider in the industry locally and internationally, has capitalized on the 17 years experience to provide quality services in real time at fair costs.

CCQ International has over the past years specialised in organising Mozambican Deminers for its own projects as well serving as a reliable source of these professionals for other companies world wide. These teams are organised, contracted and managed by CCQ International.

CCQ International land clearing professionals are known for accident free record and excellent exprience in land mine clearance operations. Our record of daily location and demolition of land mines was 300 Anti-Personnel mines in South Lebanon.  

Our approach entails carrying out demining operations prior to any activites on any given task, in line with International and National regulations.  Mine clearance operations will be followed by manual or mechanical bush clearance and subsequent operations.

We strongly believe that this approach brings the technical correction to the traditional mine clearance operations in support of developmental projects especially the Oil and Gas Industry in Mozambique.